First One. -silence-

‘You fell into our arms, you fell into our arms..’ Would be nice to fall into someones arms sometimes, but that would consider that I’m The Prey. I’m sick of that.


Yesterday I met my friend. We had some fun time, that pretty much made me forget about all the bad stuff that’s happening to me lately. I’m trying to drive, so that’s cool, I love driving. What else.. The Big Fat Quiz of the Year .. really helps me get the mood up.

Well, after all that good stuff I have to go back to everything that i’ve left. Melancholic. I am Melancholic. I guess I make some people sad and that makes me sad.. Sad isn’t it? Ironic? Fuck it.

Backdrifts. Why this song (by Radiohead)? Just simple. Every day I leave things that fuck me up, and come back to them. Every fucking time. Yeah, now I’m angry, even though I was sad when I started this.

I just wonder.. When will irony get me. It got me a lot of times, but that doesn’t count, I’m pretty much still alive. It’s like destiny’s playing with me (us).

Oh silly me. When I’m next to Her, I feel happy, I write happy stuff, I am happy, I’m mostly in a good mood. Whn I leave. Everything begins. No, nott just with Her, but with 80% of the peopel who are next to me. Who? Heh, only once. I will not say. Only now I can say that the person with whom I’m realated, a brother (bloodbrother) is annoying me this second. Why? He doesn’t have anything else ‘good’ to do, that’s why. He has burned out most of my fucking nerves.. Why is he.. existing? Like a musquitto..

The Rain Drops…

I wish it would.


I’ll start creating music on PC, taht should be inreting. I’m looking forard to that. I’m al lookin foorward to meet Her.

So, that’s it.



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