It All Begins with Something, Doesn’t It?

And after a months time I decide to show up in an english form.

Shit happened, piss happened, stuff happened. Not loads, not heaps, but quite a few items of things happened.

First of all, happiness surrounded me in my first days at this house. You know, when the bad things didn’t start. Not too bad, but bad enough to ruin my whole satisfaction and make me want to come back to the city I came from.
So almost right away I and my friend went to my driving school to find out what to do about my drivers license. It was nice of that person to talk so nicely to me, a woman by the counter thing, i mean. Quietly and nicely i found out what to do and as it seemed, it wasn’t that bad and all those ideas in my head telling me that i’m the only fuck who couldn’t do “it” in three attempts had shut up.

So in two weeks i was booked to drive around in an Opel Astra for a week (10 so-called lessons).

Till then I got my head screwed a bit by my parents, as if it’s their job, as if they’re “here” to tease the shit out of me. Well i put it all aside right now. Let’s put it all aside, alright?

Let’s talk about my birthday. It was shit.

Next. Let’s talk about that weeks of driving, it was pretty nice. I figured that I just MIGHT make it the next time I try for the license. The instructor was pretty nice too, i figured that i was pretty lucky to be in that school. Aspecially when i remember what a few of my friends said about their driving instructors.

Anyway. This friday me and my girlfriend went to this small little church town and stayed there for a few days. Came back yesterday. And went to sleep in a good mood. Why? Well because RADIOHEAD had released a song for free and i liked it.

In very near future, me, my cousin and two other friends are going to the “city I came from”. Well stay there for a few days in the apartment, we’ll also have a late birthday celebration of myself. Maybe after that i’ll reconsider on an idea i had a few days ago. The idea was that i am not going to celebrate or mention my birthday ever again.

Anyways. Another thing that fucks my brain off is that I cannot concentrate here in this house. My brother is bothering me all the time, basically. So all work i ever hoped to complete will have to be postponed, unfortunately.

That’s it for now. If you got tired reading in english, go fuck yourself and re-take every english lesson you ever took, sissy.



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